For more than 55 years, ThermaSol has been providing customers with the most advanced steam technology available for achieving the ultimate home and commercial spa experience.

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In the United States, steam rooms are typically found in luxury spas or gyms, but thanks to modern technology and greater consumer awareness, steam showers are now becoming popular in private residences. Thanks to ThermaSol, the steam shower (also referred to as the steam bath) and sauna have reached new levels of advanced technological perfection. We ensure our products are designed to make converting shower spaces into home spas and steam showers as easy and affordable as possible. The basic components of our steam systems include: steam shower generator, control panels, steamheads and accessories. Getting started with the process of converting your shower into a residential steam shower, which can be done to spaces large and small, involves four simple steps: First, calculate your shower size using the formula: L x W x H = cubic feet. Based on the results, select a steam shower generator and choose where it will be located. Next, choose your control style and steam package. Finally, choose accessories to take your steam shower and home spa experience to the next level.
Our steam showers offer high-intensity full spectrum light and sound for the most relaxing chromatherapy experience possible. Our optional aromatherapy oils are another way to help engage all the senses. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), steam inhalation alleviates the symptoms of cold and nasal congestion. A research study performed at the University of Munich's Institute of Medical Balneology and Climatology also found that steam therapy is useful to those with asthma, allergies, bronchitis and sinusitis. Long-term steam room use may help lower blood pressure and improve heart function, according to researchers at the Department of Internal Medicine and Biocenter at the University of Oulu in Finland.
For thousands of years cultures around the world have indulged in the luxury of aromatic steam baths, which not only promote optimum health but deliver a daily dose of soothing relaxation. A residential steam shower offers a relaxing atmosphere to calm the mind and create well-being. This relaxation helps you relieve stress and get a better night's sleep. The heat helps aching muscles relax and open the pores for detoxification and skin rejuvenation. Those with respiratory problems enjoy steam therapy because it has been known to help soothe throat irritation, loosen phlegm in the lungs and loosen mucus in the nose.
ThermaSol began building steam shower generators in 1958. We are the "Original" steam shower manufacturer and continue to be the very best. As an industry first, we provide a lifetime warranty on our PRO and SSA steam shower generators with no questions asked. Some of our innovative technologies include SmartSteam™, the ultimate in temperature control and energy conservation; FastStart™, which gives you steam in seconds, not 4 to 8 minutes; and Whisper Quiet, which prevents water hammer or noisy water solenoid valves. We're the only manufacturer that offers matching controls and steamheads to create a seamless look with virtually any faucet or shower fixtures chosen.