Residential Steam Room Planning

Whether you are building a new shower or remodeling an existing shower, isn’t it time to enhance the experience with a steam shower. By adding steam, you are creating a personal spa experience. This page will provide you a general understanding of what you need to know when planning the ultimate home spa.


Your Shower Enclosure

Ceiling height

Utilize the footprint of the existing shower enclosure. A steam room works best with a lower ceiling height. ThermaSol sizing formula uses a maximum ceiling height of 8ft. Higher ceilings will require more power and a larger generator size due to physics… heat rises.

  • The entire shower area requires a waterproof material, including the ceiling. (Glass, tile, stone slab, solid surface composite, etc.)
  • A vapor-proof moisture barrier behind the finished surface material is recommended.
  • Vapor-proof steam door is required.
  • Slope the ceiling 1 inch per foot towards the back wall of the shower to prevent condensation dripping onto the bather.
  • A bench or fold-out ThermaSol seat is recommended for relaxing in your Steam Shower.


Your Steam Generator


Select a generator model based on the length, width and height of the shower enclosure. (ThermaSol sizing calculation is based on Max Ceiling Height of 8ft) Locate the generator indoors - in a dry, ventilated area.

  • ThermaSol residential generators are about 14” x 19” x 12” High
  • Allow for 6” clearance around the generator
  • Install generator up to 50’ from the steam head in the shower
  • Generator can be above or below the steam room (steam line can run up, down, and horizontal; but never down then up – this creates a steam trap)
  • Allow easy access for maintenance and service

The generator will need electricity and water. Install a 208/240 volt receptacle w/ appropriate breaker and wire size (see ThermaSol Specs) A ⅜ connection is used at the water inlet to the generator and ½ inch steam outlet connection (¾” steam line required for unit PRO-650 and larger) to the steam head in the shower. Plumb the generator drain pan per local code.


Your Controller and Steam Head

Control head

The controller and a steam head mount inside the shower enclosure (the control also functions as the temperature sensor).

  • Install control as close to the seating area as possible and at a minimum of 48 inches off the floor. (A) above floor
  • Install steam head as far from seating area as possible (it’s HOT) Shower Valve wall normally works well as depicted (C) 12” above floor and no less than 6” (C) from the nearest corner


Additional Options

Elevate the steam session to a multi-sensory experience with Lights, Chromatherapy, Sound, Rainhead, a complete spa in the privacy of your home.

If you are ready to start designing your dream spa click on the button below. You will be able to use our configurator to specify the items, styles and finishes. After you complete your creation, for your convenience, you will be able to email specifications, manuals and CAD drawings of all the selected items.


Please consult a contractor for complete construction requirements. Steam systems are installed by a licensed plumber, electrician and/or contractor.