Pro Series


As one of the industry's most technologically advanced and robust steam generators today, the Pro Series has reset expectations for achieving modern wellness at home.

Pro Series I
Pro Series II
Pro Series III

No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty
Parts & Labor: 2 years in home, lifetime at factory. Only from ThermaSol.

Latest Digital Technology
The Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) is the nervous system, enabling intelligent communication through all connected ThermaSol devices

Constant Steam at a Constant Rate
No noisy irritating steam lags or bursts; constant steam flow, always

Split Tank Technology
Provides longevity your steam generator through design.

FastStart Technology
Steamer for steam shower starts in seconds, not minutes.

PowerFlush The Most Advanced Cleaning System
Most competitors use a drain gravity system which does not completelyeliminate sediment. ThermaSol uses a pressurized inner tank system to remove sediment.

Custom Stainless Steel Drain Pan

Patented Smart Steam - The Ultimate in Temperature Control
Providing the ultimate steam bathing experience, no irritating temperature fluctuations. The most desired feature in the steam.

STEAM GENERATOR Innovations and Industry Firsts

Combining revolutionary smart home technology with six decades of engineering expertise, ThermaSol has created the most advanced steam shower experience available on the market today with residential steam generators.

Smart Steam


The ultimate in temperature control. Available on ProSeries™ III models only

How it Works:
SmartSteam™ produces the precise volume of steam required to maintain your desired room temperature while providing a quiet, relaxed experience. This is accomplished by metering the output of power; the steam shower generator only uses enough power to support your requested temperature for your shower or steam room - no more, no less.

Steam Vection


Industry Best for Room Temperature Uniformity ThermaSol engineers have developed an industry first: the SteamVection steamhead.

How it Works:
This state-of-the-art design delivers floor-to-ceiling temperature uniformity within the steam shower while adhering to ThermaSol's trademark functionality, design and safety. For users, this means consistent and even temperature zones–no longer variable heat ranges that typically occur in steam showers. ThermaSol's steamhead also allows the closest proximity to the outlet called, "the steam emitting area." This is a mere three inches from the wall, thereby avoiding intrusion into one's usable shower space.

Split Tank Technology


Providing constant steam at a constant rate while ensuring trouble-free reliability!

How it Works:
Water is pre-heated in the steam generator’s water reservoir and passes to the boiling side only at the exact rate of steam production.



Your very own technician.

How it Works:
PowerFlush was specifically engineered to purge calcification build-up from the inner tank of the bathroom steam unit . This unique system uses a combination of household water-line force (40 to 80 lbs.) and specially designed inner tank "speed slots" to increase the water velocity. This concentrated thrust of water pressure effectively sweeps the bottom of the tank, removing build-up.

CONTROL compatibility

Program your steam shower with a variety of controls, from discreet steam-only controls to fully integrated options that allow users to manage lighting, sound, apps and more. Controls are available in a range of finishes to easily integrate into any existing bathroom aesthetic.


Not sure where to place your generator? Here are our favorite locations that will keep your steam generator in optimal condition, easily accessible, yet out of sight.


Building a customized showering and wellness environment begins with selecting the right amenities for your daily ritual. From smart digital shower valves and smart digital controls that bring you a seamless multi-functional showering experience, to specialized rainheads, steam generators and systems that deliver a complete multi-sensory environment with water, steam, light and sound, we offer a vast range of products that are tastefully designed to complement the look of your bathroom space.