Smart Shower Controls and Steam Shower Kits

Customize your smart shower with one of our advanced control kits, designed to complement the style and design of any bathroom. These kits give you complete control over your shower’s steam, temperature, lights, music, and more.

ThermaTouch LCD Control Kit

ThermaTouch Controls

The ThermaTouch LCD in-shower touchscreen controller manages all aspects of the digital shower and steam generation, from steam duration and temperature to operation of audio and lighting modes. Choose from our 7” or 10” display options to integrate seamlessly into your personal smart shower.

These kits include the ThermaTouch control screen and SteamVection Steamhead. Start customizing your dream smart shower from the size options below:

ThermaTouch 10" LCD Control Kit      ThermaTouch 7" LCD Control Kit

Signature Control Kit

The Signature Control allows you to easily adjust the time, temperature, and maintenance of your steam shower, and works perfectly with the Serenity Light, Sound, Rainhead.

This kit includes the Signature Control module and SteamVection Steamhead.

Signature Control Kit

Signature Control
SignaTouch LCD Control Kit

SignaTouch 5” Control Kit

The SignaTouch LCD in-shower touchscreen is available in a wide array of finishes, and controls your smart shower, steam, and Serenity Light, Sound, Rainhead when installed.

This kit includes the SignaTouch Smart Shower Control and SteamVection Steamhead.

SignaTouch 5" LCD Control Kit

MicroTouch Control Kit

The sleek, low-profile MicroTouch control utilizes touch technology, and reads temperature easily, more accurately and much faster than standard contact temperature sensors. Control on/off power, temperature, and shower duration.

This kit includes the steam MicroTouch Control and SteamVection Steamhead.

MicroTouch Control Kit

Microtouch Control

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