Multi-Sensory Experience

ThermaSol technology can fuse steam with scent, sound, light, visualization and water to create an elevated spa experience that touches the senses.

All ThermaSol’s residential steam heads come with an integral, internal aromatherapy oil well to diffuse essential oil with the steam into a shower enclosure.

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The all new Serenity Light, Sound and Rainhead module combines light, chromatherapy, sound, music and gentle falling water to deliver a multi-sensory steam shower experience into one relaxing session.

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ThermaSol introduces the ThermaTouch control with Tranquility feature, a new visualization experience to help calm the senses. The in-shower LCD touchscreen has nine unique “destination” scenes to choose from. With a built-in video processor, the Tranquility mode combines imagery and sound themes from nature to project a more relaxing steam environment.

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For centuries people have relied on the restorative power of water to sooth pain and remedy illness. Conventional uses of hydrotherapy are known to help stimulate circulation, tone body tissues, alleviate pain, relax nerves and enhance overall well-being.



Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils that are sourced from aromatic plants and flowers. These oils stimulate the sense of smell and are absorbed through the skin. Rejuvenating scents are believed to improve mood and promote wellness.



Music has long been known to affect the mood and aid in relaxation.



This alternative healing method uses color and light to balance energy wherever the body is lacking. The underlying principle is that certain colors or the absence of colors can affect your body and mood.



Tranquil imagery can help create a calm and meditative environment to relax the mind and body.