The ThermaSol Difference

At ThermaSol, we take pride in manufacturing residential and commercial steam systems that go way beyond our competition in terms of technology innovation, performance, style and durability. Founded in 1958, each and every one of our steam generators and associated products is born from more than 50 years of industry experience, insight and engineering. Our products (all of which are made in the USA) exceed the expectations of customers, because they're subjected to the highest standards of quality testing and based on what residential and commercial customers really want in their steam systems… rather than what other companies think they need.

Product features that set us apart include: Lifetime Warranty; FastStart Technology, which provides steam in seconds versus 4 to 8 minutes; All Metal Controls with Advanced PVD Lifetime Finishes, versus inexpensive plastic controls; Whisper Quiet (patented design) so there's no water hammering or noisy water solenoid valves; Constant Steam at a Constant Rate, which does away with steam lags and bursts; Superior Style with matching controls, remotes and steamheads in traditional and contemporary designs; Water Conservation because our steam showers use a fraction of the water required to power regular showers; CAN-Bus Communication, which provides the ultimate in reliability and longevity; and Simple Generator Sizing using the basic calculation: LxWxH=Cubic Feet.

The ThermaSol Difference: Our California-based engineers, factory workers, testing staff, sales team, service teams and more live and breathe steam. The result is products grounded in passion and precision. The only time we’re satisfied is when our products and staff have provided you with the absolute pinnacle of quality, service and reliability.

Industry Innovations

Industry Innovation The Solitude Mobile Application allows users to control temperature settings, light and music, generator maintenance and more via wireless telephones and tablet devices.


Industry Innovation The Bluetooth-enabled Serenity Light and Music System is a self contained, shower proof, compact 10" diameter module that produces high-intensity full spectrum light and sound for the most relaxing chromatherapy experience.


Industry Innovation ThermaSol's selection of stylish and quality crafted steam shower controls and steamheads are designed to work with virtually any bathroom fixture style on the market today.